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Articles and Reports

Breaking the Law II, Animal Care in U.S. Labs: Government Sanctioned Negligence
By Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T., Executive Director, SAEN

The Top 20 AWA Violators

The top 20 violators of those used in this report are listed in Appendix C. The top 20 labs violated the AWA 271 times in nine months, averaging 13.6 violations per facility. These 20 labs accounted for 55.6% of all the violations recorded by 103 facilities. It is interesting to note that 19 of the top 20 were in the Eastern Region of the United States, including all of the top ten facilities. The top 10 facilities average 17.7 AWA violations per 9 months, or 1 infraction every two weeks. It is significant that none of these facilities have had enforcement actions taken against them by the USDA.

Additionally, the USDA FOIA office did not provide inspection reports due to open investigations, preliminary to enforcement actions, for 5 registered research facilities. These facilities were: the University of Colorado (Denver), the University of Hawaii (Manoa), the University of Louisiana (Lafayette), Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute, and SNBL. It is very significant to note that these five laboratories are all located in the Western Region of the U.S.

The top twenty violators discussed in this report cover a broad spectrum of entities. They include twelve universities (Harvard is mentioned twice because there are two registrations at Harvard the Medical School and the University), a private research institute, a pharmaceuticals company, and several private testing laboratories. Details of all violations for the top 20 facilities are available on the SAEN website in the facilities reports and information section at: http://www.all-creatures.org/saen/res-fr.html . This next section of this report will focus on the most egregious violations at the top 10 labs.

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Breaking the Law II, Animal Care in U.S. Labs: Government Sanctioned Negligence
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