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Articles and Reports

Primate Health and Well-being at the California Primate Research Center (UCD): Negligence, Stress, and Suffering
By Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T., Executive Director, SAEN
513-575-5517 [email protected] 

Overall Mortality Statistics

583 total primates died at UC Davis during the 2002 Ė 2003 reporting period. However to examine these deaths in any systematic way they must be subdivided into more meaningful sub-categories. 147 of these deaths involved stillbirths, neonatal deaths, or deaths of primates who lives totaled only a few days or months. 123 adult primates died of natural causes or were euthanized for medical reasons. 318 primates were killed during experimentation, and/or necropsied per experimental protocol.

However, before more detailed examinations are begun there is a much more basic question that must be addressed. The annual report filed by the California Primate Research Center listed the deaths of 258 primates from either experimental or natural causes. However, this same report discusses performing necropsies (post-mortems) on 560 primates. Additionally, when we obtained documents from the California Primate Research Center (CPRC) for deaths of center animals we received records for the deaths of 583 primates. And the disagreements go much further. The records provided to SAEN by the CPRC covered the deaths of 123 adults from non-experimental causes, and 318 adults from experimental causes (or necropsied per experimental protocol). If operating under the assumption that only adults were counted, even these numbers donít correspond to the statistics reported by the CPRC. Apparently, CPRC staff are mathematically impaired, or dishonest.

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Primate Health and Well-being at the California Primate Research Center (UCD): Negligence, Stress, and Suffering
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