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Final CPRA Petition, 2013

Fundamentally, the CPRA reflects the principle that government serves the people, and recognizes that transparency helps to ensure that government fulfills its mandates lawfully. Public institutions cannot decide for the people what is good, and what is not good, for the people to know in executing the mandate of self-governance. The CPRA grants to the public the power to review government decision-making, government behavior, and government expenditure.

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Rats, mice, birds, amphibians and other animals have been excluded from coverage by the Animal Welfare Act. Therefore research facility reports do not include these animals. As a result of this situation, a blank report, or one with few animals listed, does not mean that a facility has not performed experiments on non-reportable animals. A blank form does mean that the facility in question has not used covered animals (primates, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, pigs, sheep, goats, etc.). Rats and mice alone are believed to comprise over 90% of the animals used in experimentation. Therefore the majority of animals used at research facilities are not even counted.

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