Animal Welfare Group Files Complaint Against Topeka Zoo
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Animal Welfare Group Files Complaint Against Topeka Zoo

Kanasa Public Radio - June 23, 2010

An animal welfare group has filed a formal complaint asking that the license of the Topeka Zoo be suspended immediately because of concerns over animal welfare. The U-S Department of Agriculture will inspect the zoo in response to the complaint filed Monday by a group called Stop Animal Exploitation Now!

The Topeka Capital-Journal reports that a letter from the group says the license should be suspended while the zoo works to respond to public concerns after animal deaths at the zoo. Zoo director Brendan Wiley says many of the the group's facts in the letter are inaccurate. Wiley became director of the zoo after the USDA criticized it for numerous animal deaths, its professional accreditation was tabled and most of its management left or was fired.

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