More Violations For The Topeka Zoo
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More Violations For The Topeka Zoo

From KIBW TV, 28 Jul 2010

More violations for the Topeka Zoo, zoo officials announced Wednesday the USDA found four non-compliant items in a random inspection Tuesday, and two of those items are repeat offenses.

One of those is a safety problem in the bear exhibit. Foreign objects, such as sippy cups, are getting inside the barriers, and bears are often chewing on them, posing a risk to their health.

Flies are another problem. It's not the first time they've bitten the lions' ears, and this time the zoo was also cited for swarms around produce in the gorilla exhibit.

The fourth issue was with rust on some metal bars in the indoor hippo stall.

Zoo Director Brendan Wiley says of the four problems, zoo staff brought three of them to the attention of USDA officials, showing what he says is proof of new-found openness and initiative.

Zoo officials have already treated the gorilla and lion exhibits for flies. They're working to install a net to catch those sippy cups -- hopefully in two weeks, and they'll find a quick temporary fix for the rust. A permanent fix will take much longer.

Topeka Zoo officials say they expect the USDA to make frequent visits in the future.

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