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Media Coverage of NPLW - 2003

From Wisconsin Radio Network - 26 Nov 2003

From The Daily Cardinal - 12 Nov 2003

From The Harvard Crimson - 6 Nov 2003

From the Daily Cardinal - 5 Nov 2003

From Pitt News - 30 Oct 2003

From Worcester Telegram & Gazette - 27 Oct 2003

Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
S. A. E. N.
"Exposing the truth to wipe out animal experimentation"

Events and Campaigns


National Primate Liberation Week (NPLW) 2003 was a very successful event. Activists from across the United States came together to promote awareness of the use of primates in experimentation. Currently over 96,000 primates are confined within U.S. labs, with the federal government spending over $500 million annually on primate experimentation. (To enlarge the above photo from Harvard, click on the photo or link)

Throughout NPLW 2003 major laboratories that experiment on primates were targeted across the U.S.. Public education events took place in cities coast to coast. Activists in California, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Florida, Michigan, New York, and Utah came together to expose abuses within primate laboratories. (To enlarge the above photo from Harvard, click on the photo or link)

Our work was very successful. Media outlets in several states produced major media stories covering the events of NPLW (see links below). The Worcester Telegram & Gazette made their coverage of National Primate Liberation Week into a front-page story. Please look at the listings below to see photos from the protests and media coverage of the work of SAEN and grassroots activists across the U.S. (To enlarge the above photo from Harvard, click on the photo or link)

Possibly the most important part of our work during NPLW was our filing of official USDA complaints against both the University of Wisconsin, Madison (UW) and Harvard. We have requested investigations of potentially painful/stressful experimentation at these facilities. We have also requested investigations into the deaths of 29 primates at the UW. (To enlarge the above photo from University of Pittsburgh, click on the photo or link)

On November 12, 2003 the University of Wisconsin made an astounding announcement in a story (from the Daily Cardinal) titled: UW-Madison alters policies on primate cruelty in research. This story revealed that the UW would be substantially altering their policy on painful experimentation in primates. We consider this a tremendous victory for the primates at the UW.

We would like to express our gratitude to all of the grassroots activists that participated in this event. We would also like to thank these organizations for making National Primate Liberation Week 2003 such a success: the Northwest Animal Rights Network, In Defense of Animals, Vigil for Animals, Animal Activists of Alachua, Alliance for Animals, Massachusetts Action for Animals, Michigan Animal Rights Society, New York Animal Rights Activists, Voices for Animal Liberation, Utah Primate Freedom Project, and In Solidarity With Animals. We would also like to thank the National Activists Network for assistance with media work.

National Primate Liberation Week 2003 is an excellent example of the results of cooperation and coordinated action. Through the combined efforts of dozens of activists and many wonderful local and national organizations hundreds of thousands of people were educated about the abuses of primates within laboratories, and one of the largest primate labs in the U.S. was forced to change internal policy on primate experimentation.

We must all continue to work together to insure continued progress for animals in laboratories.

There are over two hundred primate laboratories in the U.S. If we are to change the fate of primates within these many facilities we will need the support of activists across the United States. Please contact us ASAP to get involved in this crucial campaign.

In Seattle, to demonstrate the wastefulness of laboratory animal experimentation, Dr. Knight is in the gorilla suit and his 2 "human laboratory subjects" for his 'banana addiction research' are in the cages. (To enlarge the photo from Seattle, click on the photo or link)

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