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Media Coverage

University of Iowa Animal Rights Protest

Friday, February 11, 2005, 1:22:24 AM
By Steve Nicoles

(Iowa City KCRG) -- An animal rights activist spoke out against the University of Iowa, saying the school is only doing research to receive grant money. This latest protest is over tests involving the brains of live monkeys. Activists say the testing is a money-making scheme for the university. The school says the research is important and could answer many important questions.

The protest at UI Thursday afternoon did not draw much public attention, but it is the latest in a series of events following a campus break-in by the Animal Liberation Front last fall.

The ALF is considered a domestic terrorist group by the FBI. Thursday's protestor is not a member of the ALF, but she is an animal rights activist.

This latest protest is over research involving monkeys. The research involves complex sound signals made by monkeys, like making a specific noise to indicate danger. Researches also want to know how and why the left side of the brain processes these sounds. They hope the information can help with human research as well.

The protestor, Leana Stormont said, "If we want to help people, our tax dollars would be better spent studying people." One of the professors named in the allegation, Amy Poremba, said some of her tests are done on people. But there are not many willing to participate.

And while it might sound cruel to test animals instead, Poremba said it is important to do the research and find answers down the line.

The University calls the allegations derogatory. A statement said, "We don't engage in unnecessary animal research; nor do we conduct research for the purpose of harming animals or for monetary gain." But instead of simply dismissing this latest protest, the school brought security to the rally.

Stormont said, "If we're not helping people or animals, we need to stop now." Stormont said Professor Poremba is doing repeat research in an attempt to bring grant money into the university. Poremba countered, saying Stormont will not be happy until all animals are treated the same as humans.

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