5 protesters arrested outside Ore. primate center

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5 protesters arrested outside Ore. primate center

BEAVERTON, OR – Animal rights activists blockaded the entrance to a primate research laboratory in Beaverton Monday morning.

About 35 activists were protesting at the entrance to the Oregon National Primate Research Center, located at 505 185th Avenue in Beaverton.

Some yelled chants through megaphones, other carried signs with slogans like, “OHSU tortures animals,” “Science gone mad” and “Use our tax dollars for non-animal research!”

Five protesters also chained themselves together and blocked Heritage Parkway, the road leading into the facility, but workers still managed to get by and enter the building.

Police arrested the five protesters in the street Monday afternoon after they refused to leave the roadway. They were charged with a misdemeanor for obstructing traffic.

Justin Kay of the Portland Animal Defense League organized Monday’s protest. He said the protesters want the ONPRC shut down.

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