Primate Center Protestors Handcuffed

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Primate Center Protestors Handcuffed

Jeremy Scott Reporting
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Traffic around Oregon Health & Science University's National Primate Research Center in Hillsboro was a mess mid Monday, but business continued amidst the lively atmosphere. Animal rights activists laid in the streets with plastic pipes connecting their arms. Police arrested five of them for blocking traffic on Northwest Edgeway Drive.

This demonstration of around thirty strong was non-violent and went on despite what the university says was "a glowing report" during a surprise USDA inspection just last week. The group 'Stop Animal Exploitation Now' claims OHSU wastes over $50 million each year in "useless primate experimentation", and has been cited for several deaths.

Hear this confrontation between the two sides:

Although operations at the center continued, deliveries in the area were soured for the day. In one case, cement hardened in the back of a truck because it couldn't be dropped in time.

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