USDA says UCLA violated animal research lab rules

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USDA says UCLA violated animal research lab rules

From The Associated Press, July 22, 2011

The U.S. Department of Agriculture confirms the University of California, Los Angeles' animal research laboratory was issued a warning for violations found during a routine inspection in December.

When the vice chancellor for research learned of the violations, UCLA says he got personally involved. The school says inspections in January and June this year found no violations and January's report noted all problems had been corrected.

Inspection reports were released Friday by the Ohio-based activist group Stop Animal Exploitation Now.

The warning listed problems with oversight and said problems included facilities, personnel, equipment and services.

It said some animals were not checked daily and there wasn't enough guidance over those handling, immobilizing, anesthetizing, tranquilizing or euthanizing animals.

The USDA said the violations were not serious enough to warrant a fine.

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