Animal-rights proponents demonstrate outside MPI Research in Mattawan

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Animal-rights proponents demonstrate outside MPI Research in Mattawan

By Dave Person,, October 17, 2011

Animal-rights proponents picketed outside MPI Research on Monday in an effort to raise awareness of recent federal findings of the alleged mishandling of laboratory animals there, including two primates, which led to injuries and resulted in the company's euthanizing them.

"There were four animals that were injured so badly they had to be euthanized," said Mike Schuur, of the Kalamazoo Animal Liberation League, which organized the protest.

Schuur said Monday's demonstration was an annual event held on National Primate Liberation Week. "We're here to tell people of the suffering primates endure all the time," he said.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, responding to complaints from the Ohio-based organization Stop Animal Exploitation Now, sent inspectors to MPI in Mattawan in January and August, finding two items of noncompliance with the U.S. Animal Welfare Act on the first visit and a third on the second visit.

The August inspection report indicated that, according to MPI animal records and supporting documents, four animals had "sustained injuries subsequent to being handled for study and related purposes. These animals were euthanized as a result of these injuries."

SAEN complained to the USDA, it said, after being told by an MPI employee that animals were being mistreated. It was not clear when the injuries occurred.

Schuur said he doesn't expect research companies to stop using lab animals, "but it's paramount they take the best care of them they can, and this lab is obviously not cutting it."

MPI, which is contracted by drug and biotech companies to do safety and efficacy studies on pharmaceuticals and chemicals, issued a statement last month in response to SAEN's charges.

"As a global leader in preclinical drug development, our employees work to ensure the highest standards of care as MPI Research seeks medical breakthroughs necessary to treat the diseases that afflict millions of people and animals around the world," it said in part.

Schuur said KALL stages protests outside MPI Research at least twice a year, with the other held during National Lab Week in the spring. There were five protesters at 5 p.m. Monday when picketing started.

Schuur said he sees picketing as an effective way to get results.

"Pressure is pressure, especially when it results in fines and further scrutiny," he said.

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