Feds Cite Vernon Animal Research Lab

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Feds Cite Vernon Animal Research Lab

By Paul Harrop, NewsChannel6Now.com, November 3, 2011

The USDA has cited a Vernon animal research lab. Dozens of animal deaths caused several infractions listed on an official report. An animal advocacy group is calling on the Feds to fine the facility, but the owner tells Newschannel 6 his work saves animal lives.

Dr. Marvin Sharp owns Sharp Veterinary Research. He tests medicines and other products on animals for drug companies.

"Ticks and fleas can adapt so fast that the drug that works today might not work tomorrow," he said.

But a report from an August 23, 2011 inspection says the lab has had 17 dog and 15 cat deaths in the last year. "That was because most all of them, in fact probably all of them were part of where I culled from the kennel. The only reason I have those dogs out there is to run tests," he said.

The report said some of the animal deaths appeared to come from "inadequate veterinary care", that has the group Stop Animal Exploitation Now speaking out. The group is calling on the USDA to fine Sharp. "We are looking at a number that is in the 10's of thousands of dollars and we believe that would be appropriate for this facility, because if they cannot provide adequate vet care to the animals that are in their possession, they should face the consequences," said co-founder Michael Budkie.

Dr. Sharp says most of the animals he put down were healthy, but no longer needed for research purposes. "He can say whatever he wants to but I will say this I have probably saved through my research a lot more animals than he ever thought of," said Dr. Sharp of Budkie's claims.

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