Activists protest near Southborough primate research center

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Please contact Elizabeth Goldentyer to demand that Harvard Medical School receive the largest fine possible under the Animal Welfare Act for the negligence which killed a monkey during an imaging procedure.

This is the third time in 1 1/2 years that negligence at the Medical School has killed a primate. During the same time period Harvard University negligence killed a goat, and negligence at two Harvard Medical School affiliated Hospitals killed another five animals. So far the USDA has issued only an Official Warning against Harvard's Medical School. Clearly USDA inaction has contributed to the continuing deaths at these facilities.

Please insist that the USDA issue a fine, and let Dr. Goldentyer know that you hold her personally responsible for the USDA's inaction, and the deaths of these animals. She MUST take action now!

Dr. Elizabeth Goldentyer
920 Main Campus Drive, Suite 2000
Raleigh, NC 27606

[email protected]

Activists protest near Southborough primate research center

By Kendall Hatch,, Tuesday, January 24, 2012

MARLBOROUGH — Following a federal sanction after the death of a primate, groups in Marlborough and Cambridge protested Sunday against Harvard University and its affiliated Southborough testing facility.

“We want people to get educated about animal experimentation,” said Jamie Kordack, who organized the protest, held at the intersection of Farm Road and Rte. 20 in Marlborough.

Kordack said protesters gathered at the intersection for a few hours before going to the facility in Southborough and holding a memorial service for the primates across the street.

She said she thinks the group got a lot of good feedback during the demonstration.

The protest in Marlborough, down the street from the New England Primate Research Center in Southborough, was held in concert with another protest at Harvard University, which owns and operates the Southborough facility.

The two protests were held in the wake of a U.S. Department of Agriculture inspection report released earlier this month that revealed that a primate died at the Southborough facility in October after it escaped and was captured by a staff member.

The USDA inspector, Paula Gladue, also cited the facility for keeping too many animals in a cage, keeping a primate in too small a cage and after seeing three primates exhibiting signs of “psychological distress.”

The October death was the second in Southborough in recent years. In 2010, the USDA issued a warning to the Southborough facility after staff members there found the body of a primate in a cage that had been sent through a cage washing mechanism.

The Harvard Crimson reported yesterday that, including the two primate deaths in Southborough and another primate death at another Harvard facility, nine animals have died in Harvard-affiliated laboratories in the last two years.

According to a statement from protesters, activists are calling for heavy fines.

Kordack, of East Brookfield, said about nine people turned out for the protest in Marlborough Sunday and about 15 made took part in the protest in Cambridge.

She said she got involved after receiving an email from Michael Budkie, the executive director of Stop Animal Exploitation Now!, based in Ohio.

Kordack said she wanted to spread the word about animal testing, which she said is often unnecessary and ineffective. She said the vast majority of testing is not used for important medical research.

“The most recent primate death at Harvard continues a string of negligence which stretches back 1 years” said Budkie in a statement.

“It is patently obvious that Harvard staff is unqualified, careless and have no concern for animals or science.”

Harvard Medical School officials said earlier this month that they are committed to complying with all regulations that ensure ethical biomedical research.

Kendall Hatch can be reached at 508-490-7453 or [email protected]

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