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Please contact Dr. Gibbens and demand that he take immediate action against University of Louisiana, Lafayette, for the deaths of multiple primates due to negligence and/or traumatic injuries.

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Primate Research Center Investigation

From, Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The primate research center that's part of University of Louisiana at Lafayette is no stranger to scrutiny from animal welfare groups. One group called "Stop Animal Exploitation Now" is addressing two ongoing federal investigations that involved the New Iberia research facility.

The animal welfare group "SAEN" is questioning what goes on behind closed doors at UL's research center.

The USDA is currently investigating an instance that occurred early last year, where three primates were found decomposing in a chute. It was those deaths that SAEN feels should be taken seriously.

"We believe this begins to paint a very disturbing picture of this facility because they lose track of their primates and don't find them until they're dead, they have primates escape, primates dying of traumatic injuries" says SEAN Executive Director Michael Budkie.

But, the research facility says they've taken steps following that instance. They released a statement saying "the center has since modified its standard operating procedures to include up-to-date training records for employees, daily head counts of primates, and daily supervisor visits to colony areas."

Additionally SAEN provided documentation that shows 11 primate deaths at the facility that were caused by trauma and shock, and it's those findings Budkie wants examined.

"The care of these animals is being paid for with money that's coming out of your pocket and mine and what are we getting for that?" says Budkie.

Also last year a chimpanzee died while being transported from a lab in Maryland, to the New Iberia center, and Budkie wants UL's lab to share some of the responsibility.

The USDA has an open investigation into that matter. However UL says the transport company is being held accountable. But all the discrepancies raise a red flag for the animal welfare group.

"If we're talking about a facility that can't help the animals in their enclosures, loses track of their animals. Do you want to be taking a drug that was tested here?"

All parties held responsible could face a $10,000 fine for each infraction, if they are found in violation.

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