Small Group Protesting Experiments on Animals Conducted by the Cleveland Clinic

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Small Group Protesting Experiments on Animals Conducted by the Cleveland Clinic

From, Saturday, April 21, 2012

On Saturday, a small group of protestors gathered outside the Cleveland Clinic to protest experiments conducted on animals. The protest was held outside of the Lerner Research Institute located at East 100th St. and Carnegie Ave.

The group's leader, Ellie Israel, is a member of Stop Animal Exploitation Now (SAEN). She says that they decided to target the Cleveland Clinic because of the experiments they conduct on hundreds of animals each year. In addition to the Clinic, SAEN is also targeting Ricerca, a biosciences lab in Concord, Ohio, that killed two animals in an experiment.

Israel says that according to the Cleveland Clinic's own records, 934 animals were used in experiments in 2010. That included 115 dogs, 351 hamsters, 177 rabbits, 240 pigs, 25 non-human primates, 17 sheep, and 9 bovine calves. She believes that the actual number of animals used is significantly higher as researchers are not required to report mice and rats.

Israel contends that most of the animals that are experimented on are tortured, however the data is often flawed because test results for animals are different for humans and are not reliable. She also believes that there are better, more accurate ways to conduct tests of different products and possible medicines for humans such as computer and mathematical modeling, epidemiology, in-vitro research, genetic research and post-marketing drug surveillance. 

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