Vanderbilt Animal Research Program Cited By USDA

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Please insist that the USDA issue a fine against Vanderbilt University for the negligence that killed a non-human primate, and let Dr. Goldentyer know that she MUST take immediate action!

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Vanderbilt Animal Research Program Cited By USDA

From, Friday, August 17, 2012

NASHVILLE, Tenn.- Vanderbilt University has come under fire for its animal research program. A new report by the USDA cited several problems with the research program.

The report found a primate's leg was broken while being transported for a medical procedure. It also found Vanderbilt failed to provide water to the primates for up to 48 hours on at least one occasion.

Vanderbilt released a statement in response to the report saying:

Vanderbilt University is firmly committed to the highest standards of care and the most humane protocols for animals necessary to conduct medical research. The university devotes significant resources, financial and staffing, to provide strict oversight for its animal research program. To this end, any suspected violation of federal regulations pertaining to the safe and humane use of animals for research is taken with utmost seriousness. As evidence of this continued commitment, the events detailed in the recent USDA report were self-reported to the USDA by Vanderbilt. We have since taken the appropriate measures to prevent such occurrences.

Vanderbilt insisted it now has measures in place to keep something like this from happening again.

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