Activists accuse Cleveland Clinic of animal abuse

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Activists accuse Cleveland Clinic of animal abuse

By WKYC, Sunday, July 28, 2013

CLEVELAND -- Animal rights activists are targeting the Cleveland Clinic, saying its lab practices are inhumane.

Protesters carried signs Sunday to bring awareness to testing done at the Lerner Research Institute. Stop Animal Exploitation Now is releasing public records of some of the testing the labs do on animals.

"Including confining primates to restraint chairs, depriving them of water for extended periods of time and literally bolting recording cylinders and headposts into the bones of the skull of macaque monkeys," said Michael Budkie from Stop Animal Exploitation Now.

The activists say they want people to know what goes on in the labs because federal tax dollars pay for it.

The Cleveland Clinic released a statement in response, saying, "We are committed to studying and finding treatments for the most debilitating diseases. As we do so, we follow all regulatory requirements and treat the animals with the utmost respect."  

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