OU cited for electrocuting dogs

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Please tell the USDA to levy a fine against the University of Oklahoma for electrocuting dogs.

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OU cited for electrocuting dogs

By name, source, day, June 24, 2013

OKLAHOMA CITY - Animal rights group claims researchers at OU are electrocuting dogs.

"They're electrocuting dogs through the heart with a 9-volt battery," said Michael Budkie, the executive director of Stop Animal Exploitation Now, a non-profit committed to ending the abuse of animals in laboratories.

Budkie said a recent inspection by the US Department of Agriculture found many violations at an OU research facility. Budkie said the university was cited for improper euthanasia methods after an experiment.

"The university is cited for literally electrocuting dogs."

Documents show OU was also cited for not using proper anesthetics on animals during the research process.

"The purpose of this is so they are maintained at a constant state of anesthesia so that they are not capable of feeling any pain."

Inspection reports from the US department of agriculture gave only limited information. They did not specify the number of dogs killed, what the experiment was or which researcher was in violation. We tried to get the specifics of the report from the USDA but because of the government shut down their office was closed.

In a statement OU- admitted to receiving two citations from the USDA.
OU went on to say "The university has directed that great care should be taken to ensure that all future injections are appropriate."

Budkie said that is not enough he wants to see the school face the highest penalty.

"The University of Oklahoma should be fined at the maximum of $10,000 per infraction." 

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