Investigation into electrocution of dogs at University of Oklahoma Science lab

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Please tell the USDA to levy a fine against the University of Oklahoma for electrocuting dogs.

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Investigation into electrocution of dogs at University of Oklahoma Science lab

From, Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A news conference is planned for late Tuesday morning after allegations of dogs being electrocuted with nine-volt batteries to their hearts surfaced about University of Oklahoma's Health and Sciences Center lab reports

According to executive director, Michael Budkie of Ohio's Stop Animal Exploitation Now (SAEN), dogs were being euthanized using the nine-volt batteries without correct surgical anesthesia and felt the pain of the electrocution procedure.

The Animal Welfare Act of 1966 is the only federal law that outlines the humane care and treatment of research and exhibition animals. The organization (SAEN) is asking the United States Department of Agriculture to launch an investigation, however the government shutdown of most federal agencies now delays any action.

According to News9, the school released the following statement on Monday afternoon about a recent USDA inspection:

"The OU Health Sciences Center follows all Guidelines and protocols of the American Veterinary Medical Association for Euthanasia of animals; however, on a recent USDA inspection they stated a preference for a different protocol which involves the injection of an anesthetic, which the OUHSC has adopted. The USDA did cite OU for two cases where a different anesthetic was used. The University has directed that great care should be taken to ensure that all future injections are appropriate." 

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