Protesters gather at Primate Center

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Protesters gather at Primate Center

By Tanya Perez, Davis Enterprise, Sunday, July 27, 2014

Protesters gathered Saturday outside the California Primate Research Center at UC Davis on Saturday to oppose “mistreating animals … (and) conducting questionable experiments,” according to a news release from Stop Animal Exploitation Now.

SAEN’s executive director, Michael A. Budkie, said in the release that “The university needs science that works. This is federal highway robbery combined with animal abuse on a massive scale. UC Davis should be following the example of Harvard and getting out of the business of experimenting on primates.”

Harvard Medical School announced a two-year plan in April 2013 to close its New England Primate Research Center in Southborough, Mass.

UCD spokesman Andy Fell responded, “We carry out animal research because it benefits human health, leading to new treatments and approaches, for example, in HIV/AIDS and lung diseases.

“Animal research is strictly regulated,” Fell continued. “The center is inspected by USDA, and UC Davis follows NIH guidelines for animal care. UC Davis’ animal care program is accredited by the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care, an independent group.

“We take excellent care of the animals in our charge, and strive continuously to improve animal care.” 

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