Group seeks $10K fine over WVU procedure

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Please contact USDA to insist on a huge fine against West Virginia University for the negligence involved in a failed euthanasia, which led to a living sheep being placed on a "disposal site."

Dr. Elizabeth Goldentyer
Director, USDA, Eastern Region
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Group seeks $10K fine over WVU procedure

By Alex Lang, The, Tuesday, August 5, 2014

MORGANTOWN — A national watchdog group is calling for a $10,000 fine against the university after a report found improper procedures for euthanizing a sheep.

According to a June 2014 report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA): In February 2014, one sheep was not properly euthanized following a non-survival procedure, in which the animal was not expected to survive after anesthesia. After the euthanasia solution was administered, the animal was be taken to a disposal site.

However, staff heard sounds of labored breathing and research staff found the animal was still alive, though it was believed to be deeply anesthetized, according to the report.

As a result, the animal was prepared for disposal while still alive. Research staff also didn’t know the sheep was still alive until after they were notified.

At the time of the incident, all training on euthanasia and confirmation of death were informal, according to the report. It added that the guidance was determined to be inadequate and complications may have been prevented with more direction.

All staff were retrained following the incident, according to the report.

Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! called for a stiff punishment for the university.

“The drastic incompetence of West Virginia University, Morgantown Campus staff that literally caused a sheep to be put out with the trash while still alive must be punished,” Stacey Ellison, a research assistant with Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!, wrote in a complaint to the USDA. 

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