Treatment of monkeys during USF research project sparks complaint

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Please contact the USDA to insist on a major fine for University of South Florida for the negligence which killed one monkey and made others seriously ill.

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Treatment of monkeys during USF research project sparks complaint

By Erin Maloney,, Friday, September 26, 2014

An animal watchdog group is lashing out against the University of South Florida for violating federal regulations by withholding water from a group of monkeys in a research project. Several fell ill, and one died.

"It happened deliberately, multiple times," said Michael Budkie, Co-Founder of Stop Animal Exploitation Now.

The incidents occurred in 2013, as researchers conducted a study on diabetes involving 27 primates. The researcher failed to give the primates water in an effort to concentrate their urine to test.

Several became sick, and one died as a result.

"Not only is this very severe in terms of cruelty, if a private individual did this on their own, they would literally be going to jail," said Budkie.

The university acknowledged the researcher violated university and federal policies, and took steps to change. A spokesperson says the researchers no longer use primates in any of the work.

The researcher in question is also not allowed to work with animals again, although she is still employed at the university.

The watchdog group uncovered the information by requesting records from the federal government. The group wants to make sure research institutions follow federal law and treat animals properly.

Budkie and his colleagues filed a complaint with the Department of Agriculture, requesting a $100,000 fine be levied against USF.

A USF spokesperson released this statement:

"As an institution, USF believes in the respectful and ethical treatment of animals in research projects. The university has a vigorous review and training process. USF will continue to abide by all state and federal laws and guidelines."

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