USF investigates death of research monkey

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Please contact the USDA to insist on a major fine for University of South Florida for the negligence which killed one monkey and made others seriously ill.

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USF launches criminal probe into death of research monkey

By Ande Senior,, Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tampa, Florida – Following revelations that a research monkey died after being deprived water and an official complaint filed by an animal activist, University of South Florida Police have launched a criminal investigation.

"What angered me so much is," said Vicki Halley, "they said there was a deliberate effort to take away this animal's water."

After learning the details of what happened, it was the Clearwater woman's call to the police department that triggered the investigation.

"These little animals don't have anybody to love them ... and somebody needs to look out for their rights," she said.

Nearly two weeks ago, 10 News revealed documents given to us by the animal right group Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! (SAEN) in which USF self-reported two incidents in 2013 when water bottles were removed from the monkeys' enclosure during a diabetes study.

SAEN COMPLAINT: Read the document

USF Police opened that criminal investigation last week following the call from Halley.

"At this time we're going back to try to research the information and pull the case together," said Chris Daniel, assistant police chief.

Still early in the investigation, it's unclear who ordered the water withheld from the monkey, but if wrongdoing is found, someone could face animal neglect charges.

Since the incidents that took place last December in which the monkey fell ill and was put down, USF had discontinued all studies on primates and transferred the remaining primates to another organization.

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