USF organization, groups protest university's use of animal testing

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Please contact the USDA to insist on a major fine for University of South Florida for the negligence which killed one monkey and made others seriously ill.

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USF organization, groups protest university's use of animal testing

By Ashley Jeffery,, Saturday, October 11, 2014 

TAMPA - Local organizations, including one from the University of South Florida, took to the streets on Saturday to protest animal testing at USF.

Students Protecting the Environment and Animals Through Knowledge, a USF student organization, and members from Florida Voices for Animals say they want all animal testing off the campus.

The watchdog group, Stop Animal Exploitation Now, uncovered researchers at USF withheld water from monkeys as a part of a study on diabetes. Several of the monkeys became sick, one died.

“It upsets me because this is where I got my Master’s degree, and to realize that the school I went to spends a lot of money exploiting and committing atrocities on animals,” said Hussein Mourtada of Florida Voices for Animals.

“I was very sad, but I wasn’t surprised,” said USF student Meghan McManus.

The primate testing, as well as the project, was shut down after the incident was uncovered.

"We definitely want scientists and research panels to reconsider whether this is necessary or not," said McManus.

Stop Animal Exploitation Now filed a complaint with the Department of Agriculture. It’s asking for USF to pay $100,000 -- the highest fine possible, all in the name of protecting animals.

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