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Please contact the USDA to insist on a major fine for University of South Florida for the negligence which killed one monkey and made others seriously ill.

Dr. Elizabeth Goldentyer
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USF animal cruelty protest

From, Saturday, October 11, 2014 

Tampa, Florida -- The University of South Florida - embroiled in an animal cruelty scandal after the negligent death of one primate and injuries to others - has been targeted by animal rights activists at a protest held on Saturday.

Florida Voices for Animals held the protest in front of the USF Health Center.

Among those protesters was Vicki Halley, who originally reported the USF abuse to USF police. As a result, the USF police said a criminal investigation has been launched surrounding the unapproved and illegal primate water deprivation experiment at USF.

At least one primate died, and several others developed ketosis after water was illegally withheld from primate overnight last December, according to national research watchdog SAEN ( Stop Animal Exploitation Now). USF withheld water from 27 primates overnight in April of 2013, said SAEN, which has filed official complaints with the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, the federal oversight agency.

FVA and SAEN are both demanding independent investigations in addition to the USF Police probe. SAEN is calling for fines that could exceed $100,000 against USF.

"We are pleased USF police are investigating. Such an investigation is rare. We would, however, also encourage an independent probe by local or state agencies to avoid any suggestion that the USF police cannot be objective because they work for USF," said Michael Budkie, SAEN executive director.

USF has confirmed it suspended several projects and shipped the primates to an off-campus facility, as well as terminating all experiments connected to the Principal Investigator and staff involved in the primate water deprivation, and revoking the animal use privileges of the individuals involved.

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