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Please contact the USDA to insist that Georgia Regents University receive the largest fine allowable under the Animal Welfare Act for the negligence which caused the deaths of a pig and denied food to monkeys.

GRU animal care program on probation
By Amber Grigley,, August 31, 2015

Georgia Regents University Animal Care Program has been placed on probation. This come months after allegations were made by the Animal Right's activist group "Stop Animal Exploitation Now". The group filed an official complaint back in March for an immediate investigation into the school.

It is not rewarding to learn that a program offered at your institution is under fire. But now that the probation is in place, the university is able to detect the problems and make the necessary improvements. The allegations against the program came after inspection reports from February cited the school for using expired medical supplies, improper record keeping, and the unexpected death of a pig after a surgical procedure.

This summer, the university underwent administrative restructuring of its animal care programs, along with several other changes to improve university's research programs. These changes follow recommendations made by the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care, encouraging the university to improve aspects of its animal care programs. Early March, SANE, Stop Animal Exploitation Now have been making claims about the university's program. The watchdog group reached out to us today and says that these are problems that everyone should be concerned about.

"The general public should be concerned about these issues for several reasons," Michael Budkie, co-founder of SAEN said. "Firstly, the majority of animal experimentation goes on at universities like GRU is paid for with federal tax dollars. As a result, the research projects are being bundled and the animals are dying unexpectedly, even if people don't care about the animals, they should be concerned about what's happening in these laboratories because they are paying for it."

In a statement provided by the university:

"GRU retains its accreditation, however, the university has been placed on Probationary accreditation until the AAALAC Council reviews improvements to GRU's program. A written response detailing the changes will be sent to AAALAC For review no later than Sept. 9."

We also tried to meet with the university's administrative staff for more information about this probation. We were told that there will possibly be an opportunity for that later this week.

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