Animal watchdog group files complaint against OU for negligent dog death
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Dr. Robert Gibbens
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Dr. Gibbens, Please LEVY a MAXIMUM FINE against Univ. of Oklahoma for their blatant disregard of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) when their negligence caused a dog to die in connection to a botched surgery. Their behavior must NOT be tolerated & MUST be punished to the fullest extent of the law. The time is NOW to send a clear message with stiff penalties to these renegade, negligent labs that these behaviors will NOT be tolerated!


Animal watchdog group files complaint against OU for negligent dog death
By Page Jones,, January 14, 2016

Stop Animal Exploitation Now! (SAEN) has filed another complaint against OU after the negligent death of a dog at the OU Health Sciences Center in July 2015.

SAEN obtained records of correspondence between the university and the National Institutes of Health regarding the death of the dog, according to a press release.

In the correspondence, James Tomasek, the OUHSC vice president for research, said the staff was poorly prepared for the dog's surgery and failed to sterilize surgical equipment, follow protocol, properly to administer medication and document post-operative monitoring, according to the correspondence provided by SAEN.

Although an investigation was conducted, a definitive cause of death was never found and the study has since been halted.

In its complaint, SAEN has called for the maximum penalty against the university, which is $10,000 per infraction/per animal, according to the complaint.

Michael Budkie, executive director of SAEN, said the group is requesting the maximum penalty because of previous infractions.

“It’s very obvious at the University of Oklahoma (that) there is an obvious pattern of violations, going back several years,” Budkie said.

SAEN filed a complaint in 2013 after a dog was improperly euthanized at OUHSC and another after OUHSC was found to be mistreating baby baboons.

“This is a much more in-depth, system-wide problem here," Budkie said.

OU President David Boren announced in September that the baboon testing facility would be closed over the course of three to four years.

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