USDA Warns OHSU After Monkey Death
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USDA Warns OHSU After Monkey Death
By Kristian Fden-Vencil,, April 20, 2016

Oregon Health & Science University has received an official warning from the federal government following the death of one of its research monkeys.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says the monkey was strangled by a chain in its cage at the research university.

An inspection found the chain, which secured some kind of “enrichment device,” was too long. An enrichment device is an item intended to improve the lives of animals in captivity, such as a toy.

The federal agency says the device that killed the monkey at OHSU was an obsolete design.

As part of the warning, the USDA told OHSU to use only approved toys and enrichment devices.

Still, Michael Budkie of the group Stop Animal Exploitation Now is not impressed.

“An official warning is essentially a paper penalty, there’s no fine connected with it,” Budkie said. “It’s as though someone got pulled over for speeding and instead of getting a ticket, they just give you a warning.”

In a statement, OHSU says it’s committed to the humane and respectful treatment of every monkey.

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