Macaque, rabbit die in UCD research labs
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SAMPLE MESSAGE: Please LEVY a MAXIMUM FINE against University of California, Davis, for their blatant disregard of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) when their negligence killed or injured multiple animals including monkeys, sheep, rabbits, etc. Their behavior must NOT be tolerated and MUST be punished to the fullest extent of the law.


Macaque, rabbit die in UCD research labs
By Tanya Perez,, October 14, 2016

An animal-rights group pounced on a report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, dated Sept. 13, revealing that a monkey at the California National Primate Research Center at UC Davis died when “staff failed to secure and lock a divider door that separated” two macaques.

On Aug. 23, the USDA report said, one of the two adult male macaques was treated for minor injuries, while the other had “a significant injury and was promptly euthanized.”

Another recent inspection, dated July 19, cites UCD for the death of a rabbit due to mishandling of an anesthetic machine by UCD staff. This is a repeat of a violation for which the university has been cited in the past.

An Enterprise story in June,, detailed other violations by UCD research labs over the past two years.

Also in June, a spokeswoman for the USDA said there is an “open investigation” into the university regarding research animals.

Tanya Espinosa of the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service responded to a query by animal protection group Stop Animal Exploitation Now by saying, “We do have an open investigation into the University of California, Davis.” But she could not give any details.

UCD spokesman Andy Fell confirmed that “Yes, the USDA is conducting a review of past citations. We don’t know when that will be completed.”

SAEN is calling for a maximum federal fine, $10,000 per infraction per animal, for the deaths and injuries in the latest complaint to the USDA.

“Major violations of the Animal Welfare Act continue to pile up at UC Davis, and these failures to comply with the federal law appear to be fatal almost without exception,” said Michael Budkie, executive director of SAEN.

“It is pathetic that Davis can’t even manage to follow the law when it is already the target of a federal probe.”

Fell said UCD follows all laws, regulations and guidelines regarding animal welfare, and that “Care of animals is a responsibility that UC Davis takes extremely seriously. All animal research at UC Davis is conducted humanely and UC Davis employees strive to provide the best possible care to animals in our charge.

“Incidents at UC Davis involving animal care are rare. When issues arise, they are reported to USDA and NIH as appropriate. UC Davis cooperates fully with all inspections and investigations. We learn from our mistakes to improve care for all animals.”

Fell pointed to Facts about the California National Primate Research Center at UC Davis for more information about the California National Primate Research Center at UCD.

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