USDA fines UL $100K for previous findings at primate center
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USDA fines UL $100K for previous findings at primate center
By, July 21, 2017

The USDA has issued a $100,000 fine against the University of Louisiana at Lafayette for issues at its primate center.

The fine stems from a complaint made in 2015, and revised again in 2016, regarding incidents that allegedly happened at the New Iberia Research Center over several years.

The fine was made official via a consent agreement signed by the USDA and the university back in May. It became public today. To read it, scroll down.

A statement given to the AP Friday by the university says it reported most of the incidents, which it describes as "events that occurred as part of routine housing and care of nonhuman primates."

Michael A. Budkie, co-founder of Stop Animal Exploitation Now, a national animal rights group, said his group believes the fine is the fifth-largest ever levied on a laboratory in the U.S.

Budkie said his group does not feel the fine, or the USDA's actions against the university, have gone far enough to protect animals.

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