Watchdog group seeks fine against Washington U. over deaths of monkey, rabbit
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Please LEVY a MAXIMUM FINE against Washington University for their blatant disregard of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) when their negligence allowed a monkey and a rabbit to die. This behavior must NOT be tolerated and MUST be punished to the fullest extent of the law.


Watchdog group seeks fine against Washington U. over deaths of monkey, rabbit
By Ashley Jost, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, September 25, 2017

ST. LOUIS - A national animal rights group announced Monday that it has filed a complaint and is seeking a fine against Washington University after two separate incidents involving a monkey and rabbit that died during medical procedures.

Both of the animals were test subjects in studies at the research university.

According to the claim by the watchdog group, Stop Animal Exploitation Now, both animal deaths were preventable.

In a statement, Washington U. leaders confirm that an internal investigation found that personnel didn’t follow animal care policies and research protocols in both incidents. The U.S. Department of Agriculture came out to investigate after the university reported each death.

The university reports that in September 2016, a rabbit that was part of a heart attack treatment study died during surgery. It was supposed to be euthanized afterward. The macaque monkey died in June 2017 after an MRI scan of its brain. The monkey was part of a neurodegenerative disease study and was also supposed to be euthanized shortly after the scans so researchers could study its brain further.

The university was cited in both cases by the USDA. The watchdog group is asking that the federal agency fine the institution $10,000 per infraction, per animal.

According to a university statement, laboratory staff have been retrained since the incidents.

“Washington University is grateful to the research animals that enable us to make tremendous strides toward improving human health, and we are working proactively to prevent future issues,” the statement said.

The watchdog group filed a similar complaint against St. Louis University in June over an incident that involved a dead pig.

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