Lab Animal Deaths at UC Berkeley
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Carol Christ, Chancellor
University of California, Berkeley
email: [email protected] 

Chancellor Christ,

University of California, Berkeley, negligence has killed over 22 animals due to starvation, suffocation, botched medical procedures, etc. In addition to these deaths, many animals were dehydrated due to lack of water, while others were deprived of adequate pain relief. Dozens of animals suffered with ulcerations of the skin. This carelessness must not be tolerated. You must launch an internal investigation of all University of California, Berkeley, animal experimentation and terminate all responsible lab staff.


Lab Animal Deaths at UC Berkeley
By, May 16, 2018

22 lab animals dead at uc berkeley. animal rights activists are calling for an investigation. according to the sf gate, a group called Stop animal exploitation NOW sent a letter to the chancellor. they say 22 animals died from starvation, suffocation or botched surgeries between 2015 and 2017. the animals include monkeys, bats, mice and chicks.

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