Watchdog group alleges multiple UNL violations of federal animal cruelty law
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Dr. Robert Gibbens
Director, Animal Welfare Operations, USDA-APHIS
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Please levy the MAXIMUM FINE against University of Nebraska, Lincoln, for their blatant disregard of the Animal Welfare Act which denied euthanasia to suffering animals. Their behavior should NOT be tolerated and MUST be punished to the fullest extent of the law.


Watchdog group alleges multiple UNL violations of federal animal cruelty law

From Alyssa Johnson,, June 8, 2021

On Monday, Stop Animal Exploitation Now!, a national watchdog group that monitors U.S. research facilities, filed a federal complaint involving several acts of animal cruelty at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

According to a news release, SAEN obtained an unpublished report via the Freedom of Information Act which disclosed four experimental projects involving mice. Furthermore, per the release, the projects were halted on Jan. 11 due to laboratory staff failing to euthanize animals for a week and later lying about it in falsified records.

SAEN also claims laboratory staff allowed the animals to suffer an additional week in serious pathological conditions involving chronic ulcerative dermatitis and hid the animals from UNL administration.

In the complaint to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, SAEN seeks a full investigation and the maximum penalty of $10,000 per infraction, per animal.

The complaint alleges violations of the Federal Animal Welfare Act regulations for animal handling, veterinary care and research supervision by the UNL Institutional Animal Care and Use committee. SAEN said at least two animals were caused unnecessary pain by UNL’s staff.

“After discovering this incident, UNL’s Institutional Animal Care Program and its Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee responded swiftly to assure the proper protocols for the two mice involved were followed,” Leslie Reed, UNL’s public affairs director, said. “The incident was timely reported to appropriate federal authorities. The University took firm action to prevent similar occurrences in the future.”

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