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ASU Ends Cancer Experiment for Animal Abuse After Watchdog’s Complaint


ASU Ends Cancer Experiment for Animal Abuse After Watchdog’s Complaint

From Celeste Gonzalez,, September 26, 2023

TUCSON, Ariz.(KVOA)- Arizona State University has put an end to a federally funded animal research project which was targeted by a National Watchdog group in an administrative complaint that took place in June of 2023 to the ASU president Michael Crow over multiple violations of regulations.

An ASU report obtained by a national watchdog nonprofit that investigates animal abuse and illegal activities at U.S. research facilities disclose that a botched animal experiment targeted by SAEN has now been ended by the Arizona State University Institutional and Use Committee.

The July 2023 ASU noncompliance report states that in a meeting on June 22, 2023 “The Committee voted to suspend the protocol in its entirety.” This action was taken because the animal researcher “has not demonstrated overall improvement in responding to animal welfare notifications, IACUC guidance, or to program compliance.” A subsequent appeal by the researcher was denied.

The report concluded: “Funding sources will be notified of the actions taken by the committee. The animals under the protocol were transferred to an approved holding protocol.”

In an earlier ASU report previously obtained by SAEN, the university admitted that this animal researcher had broken federal law by denying animals veterinary care (euthanasia), and performing unapproved, and therefore illegal, experiments.

The watchdog group had previously contacted ASU President Michael Crow, calling for the researcher to be permanently banned, publication of scientific articles prohibited, and a return of grant funding to the National Institutes of Health.
“Ending this animal experiment was the right thing to do,” said Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T., Co-Founder and Executive Director, SAEN. “Failing to understand one’s own protocol, denying animals euthanasia, performing unapproved procedures - this is not a science. This is fraud.”

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