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Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
S. A. E. N.
"Exposing the truth to wipe out animal experimentation"

The Defender
Vol. 1, No. 2 - Fall/Winter 2002

Operation Activist Ė www.saenonline.org  

Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! has just launched one of our most crucial projects Ė Operation Activist. The purpose of Operation Activist is to promote grassroots activism by empowering local activists in their work against vivisection.

Our primary tool in Operation Activist is SAENís new website which can be found at www.saenonline.org . We have filled our website with the tools that we believe are necessary for local activists to take on the vivisection industry.

One of the most difficult parts of fighting vivisection can be finding out what is actually taking place in nearby laboratories. The Resources section of our website has everything needed to launch an investigation. From links to medical journal websites and government regulatory agencies, all of the data is available. We also have posted the information necessary to obtain internal documents either from federal agencies through the Freedom of Information Act or state agencies through state laws.

We also want to encourage cooperation and networking between grassroots activists and organizations. One of the difficulties in this area lies in the fact that local activists and organizations simply canít find each other. In order to make local organizations easier to find, we have started a directory of grassroots organizations. We currently have listings for 58 separate grassroots groups in 21 states. Our directory grows on an almost daily basis. Our goal is to find every local group in the U.S. and post their contact information.

Our website has many other tools to educate activists. All of SAENís investigative reports on animal experimentation are posted in their entirety on the website, so that local activists can use this information at every opportunity.

All of our current fact sheets are also posted on the website, so that local groups can utilize SAENís fact-filled literature in tabling and leafleting.

Our Picture Archive contains 47 different pictures that are available for local activists to use in publishing their own fact sheets and pamphlets.

The Media Coverage section of the website contains 36 separate pieces of media coverage which have resulted from SAEN events from September 30th, 1997 to the present. We will continue to update this resource as more media coverage becomes available.

The Press Releases page of our website currently contains eleven of our press releases that can be used by local activists as examples of how to write effective press releases.

The goal of Operation Activist is the empowerment of local activists to conduct independent campaigns against animal experimentation. We believe that our website contains all of the tools that local activists need to launch their own campaigns.

Even though the website is still very new, it is already very successful -- receiving over 10,000 accesses per week. As the word gets out about the site, this number is certain to skyrocket.

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