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SAEN blows Whistle on Texas Lab –- Exposing Negligent Primate Death

Government reports reveal that animals continue to die across the United States due to negligence while federal regulators take no action.

One of the most recent deaths occurred at the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research (SWFBR) of San Antonio (TX) where over 4000 non-human primates are currently incarcerated.
This lab has a long history of animal abuse, including the attempted dissection of a still-living baboon, which SAEN brought to light with a shocking news conference in 2008.

The most recent violation comes from a February 28, 2010, USDA inspection report citing an incident in which a young rhesus monkey developed hypothermia after being exposed to sub-freezing temperatures. The dying animal was not discovered until the following morning and subsequently euthanized. For this, SWFBR was only cited for improper housing of animals.

Other recent inspection reports have revealed this lab being cited for improper functioning of the Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee, inadequate housing of primates, insufficient environmental enhancement for primates, and inadequate cleaning/sanitation. One major concern focused on primates exhibiting stereotypical behavior, a clear sign of severe stress.

SAEN exposed the horrific death of this young animal to news outlets throughout San Antonio. Both print and broadcast media picked up the story, bringing the truth of SWFBR’s criminal negligence to hundreds of thousands of people. SAEN will continue to uncover the criminal acts of SWFBR and any other lab that takes the life of an animal through negligence.

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