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SAEN springs into Action after U of Florida’s fatal carelessness – Rabbit and Rats die Horribly

SAEN investigations have uncovered fatal carelessness within the laboratories of the University of Florida (UF) which we have exposed through news media across the state.

USDA inspection reports reveal that during May of 2010 UF received six federal citations for violating the Animal Welfare Act. These violations involved issues of inadequate veterinary care, facilities, housing, enclosures, etc.

The May 24, 2010, inspection report cites UF for two incidents in which negligence killed animals. One episode involved inappropriate treatment of a rabbit who was being restrained by technicians for a nail trim. Improper handling by apparently unqualified personnel caused the struggling rabbit to break his/her back, requiring euthanasia.

The second incident involved negligent procedures during cage cleaning. Inadequate inspection of a cage before sterilization resulted in placing living rat infants into a sterilization device which literally cooked them alive.

SAEN broke this story to news media in Gainesville (FL) on July 23, 2010. The response was fantastic with coverage running in The Gainesville Sun and on WRUF 850 AM, reaching tens of thousands of people with the shocking truth. Please check out the stories in the media coverage section of the SAEN website.

SAEN and local activists coordinated a major protest at UF on Saturday, August 14th. Over twenty-five people braved the sweltering heat to make a statement that animal abuse will not be tolerated. We will continue to work closely with these local activists in this ongoing campaign to keep the pressure on UF.

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