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OUTREACH 2010 -- SAEN Staff educate Activists across the U.S.

During 2010, SAEN staff have spoken at meetings and conferences from Oregon to South Carolina educating people about the abuse that is perpetrated on animals in the name of science or entertainment.

Our nationwide outreach at conferences began in April when Michael Budkie was invited to address the bi-annual meeting of the International Primate Protection League. Attendees learned about the reality of escalating primate research in the United States and the daily suffering that our closest relatives endure in laboratories.

In June, SAEN staff participated in the Let Live Conference in Portland, OR. This was SAEN’s first time participating in this conference, allowing us to reach out to an entirely new audience of activists. Michael Budkie’s solo presentation, Anti-Vivisection Talking Points, equipped activists with the ethical, scientific, and legal shortcomings of animal experimentation. The next presentation, Anti-Vivisection Horizons: The Road Ahead, was a lively panel discussion involving Justin Goodman of PETA, Camille Hankins of WAR (Win Animal Rights), and Michael Budkie of SAEN which focused on effective methods for vivisection campaigns.

The annual Vegetarian Summerfest is hosted by North American Vegetarian Society. SAEN staff participated in three presentations at this conference. Our first talk, The Grief of Dealing with Animal Issues, helps activists manage the depressing nature of animal activism by turning negative emotions into positive actions. During our second talk, What the Bible has to say about a Plant-Based Diet and Animal Rights, Michael Budkie drawing from his theological background discussed a more animal friendly viewpoint on concepts such as the “Dominion of Man” which implies responsibility for the earth and its inhabitants, not license to pillage and destroy. SAEN’s last talk, What Every Caring Person Should Know about Primate Experimentation and What They can Do about it, brought the reality of life in the laboratory to the attendees of Summerfest.

Our last conference for 2010 was the National Animal Rights Conference, AR2010. This year’s conference set an all-time attendance record, drawing together over 1000 activists from around the world to learn, train, strategize, and network.

SAEN’s Director of Captive Wildlife Advocacy, Don Elroy, gave several informative talks at AR2010. Don began with a panel discussion, Abuse of Exotic Animals, arming activists to be effective in captive wildlife issues. His second presentation, Amusement Campaigns, revealed SAEN’s current projects and campaigns which focus on captive exotic animals.

During AR2010 Michael Budkie had a very busy schedule, participating in seven workshops/panel discussions. These workshops included: Animal Abuse for Science (a presentation of videos about animal research), Newcomer Orientation (a panel about how successful activists became involved in the animal rights movement), Conducting Investigations/Research (a basic workshop on developing information), Running Campaigns (a discussion of effective campaign techniques), Lunch with the Authors (a panel of recently published authors) Vivisection Campaign Reports (an update on projects which oppose animal research), and Effective Strategies for Liberation (a motivational plenary panel presentation for the entire conference). Mr. Budkie also conducted an in-depth workshop about investigations and working with news media on Monday immediately following AR2010.

In August, 2010, SAEN staff organized a well-attended potluck dinner and presentation in Gainesville (FL) about animal experimentation to stimulate activism focusing on the University of Florida. This preceded the UF protest, see associated story in this issue of The Defender.

Our outreach continues taking us to Cleveland and multiple cities in New York during late September and early October to increase awareness about the atrocities of animal experimentation. This includes tabling at the NY Veg Expo in Albany on October 2nd

SAEN believes that this outreach is crucial to be successful in training, motivating, and networking with animal activists across the U.S. and beyond.

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