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WLALW 2010 -- Fighting for Animals around the Globe

World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week 2010 (WLALW) (April 17 – 25) was a marvelous success! During this phenomenal week, protests, news conferences, and other media events targeted labs in 26 cities spanning 16 states along with international events taking place in France, New Zealand, and England.

WLALW 2010 events were coordinated in La Jolla, Los Angeles, Davis, Long Beach, & San Francisco (CA), Atlanta (GA), Chicago (IL), Cambridge & Boston (MA), East Lansing & Kalamazoo (MI), Minneapolis (MN), Reno (NV), Concord (NH), Syracuse & Albany (NY), Columbus (OH), Portland (OR), Austin, Richardson, & San Antonio (TX), Salt Lake City (UT), Richmond (VA), Seattle (WA), Charleston (SC), and Washington, DC.

For WLALW 2010, SAEN’s Michael Budkie led a major news conference in Charleston (SC) exposing the horrific abuse of primates within the Alpha Genesis laboratory, garnering coverage by the Associated Press which educated thousands of people across South Carolina. The Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research (San Antonio) was another SAEN target during WLALW -- our press alert revealed the truth through print and broadcast news media across Texas. SAEN’s LA chapter mounted a day-long event maintaining tremendous pressure on UCLA.

Out West, Charles River Laboratories was pressured by Northern Nevada Animal Alliance of Reno. Portland Animal Defense League orchestrated multiple events in opposition to the incarceration of over 4000 primates at the Oregon Primate Research Center. Northwest Animal Rights Network exposed the suffering of primates at the University of Washington, Seattle.

In the Northeast, Adirondack Animal Rights coordinated an event targeting the Albany Medical Center. Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition marched against animal testing in Boston’s Copley Square and picketed Harvard in opposition to primate experiments.

In other areas, Protect Our Earth’s Treasures targeted animal experimentation at Ohio State University in Columbus. Coalition for Animal Rights organized a rally in opposition to abusive experiments at Northwestern University in Chicago. Defend Animal Rights Today and Tomorrow waged an anti-HLS event in Washington, DC. In Minneapolis, dozens of activists with Animal Rights Coalition rallied in opposition to the brutal experiments at the University of Minnesota.

SAEN would like to thank all of the wonderful local and national organizations and activists that made World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week 2010 such a smashing success and look forward to continued cooperation as we work for a day when events like WLALW will no longer be necessary.

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