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SAEN blows the Lid Off of South Carolina Primate Agony -– Demands USDA Investigation

The Alpha Genesis (AG) Company, located near Charleston (SC), imprisons over 3400 monkeys. Even though Alpha Genesis is registered as a research facility, they actually perform very little experimentation. The vast majority of the primates at this facility are used only for breeding or are being boarded at taxpayer expense because they are owned by the federal government. Most of the suffering these animals endure cannot be blamed on experimentation.

SAEN investigations have uncovered new information that no one else in the animal rights movement has ever been able to access. Our investigators have brought to light some of the most shocking information ever seen by animal protection activists. Files obtained by SAEN which have previously only been seen by Alpha Genesis staff or employees of the federal government reveal the lives and deaths of 1700 monkeys. These documents read like medical records from a battlefield.

Facilities like AG are required by federal law to have environmental enhancement programs designed to relieve the stress which all primates endure in captivity. However, the rhesus and cynomolgus monkeys held prisoner at AG are clearly suffering from severe stress. During one year, overgrooming is mentioned 198 times in the medical records for AG monkeys -- they are so stressed that they are literally pulling their hair out.

But the most damning evidence was discovered in records from physical examinations. 171 of the Alpha Genesis monkeys are missing body parts. We cannot say exactly what happened to them, but either through fighting (which can also be caused by severe stress), self-mutilation, or mishandling these monkeys have lost fingers, toes, ears, lips, or even entire arms or legs.

The animals suffering at Alpha Genesis sound like they have been literally ripped apart. The examination records paint pictures of animals that have been injured beyond belief – possibly torn apart by their own insanity, hyper-aggressiveness of cage-mates, or maimed by human carelessness.

  • Primate DM8A TB in left eye. Messy tail with blood. Right hand missing fingers 1-4. Eyelids missing. Both ears missing. Left hand missing finger 1 and thumb. Lower lip swollen and partially missing.
  • Primate CC74 Lactating. Old wound to left ear. Has half of left ear. Trauma to right arm, face and tail. New trauma to left thigh. Degloved tail. Left hand swollen. Left hand missing 3F, 1D. Right foot missing 1D. Left foot 3D old break and trauma.
  • Primate DL9W Slight alopecia on lower back. 1-4 digits on left hand have been amputated, 1st and 2nd digit on right hand amputated. Abrasions to face, right ear and right thigh.

Whether they have been victims of self-abuse, violence from other monkeys, or human carelessness, the result is the same. After taking their freedom and ripping away their offspring to become another generation of victims, they are deprived of anything that might resemble a normal life for a monkey.

Just as they are victims in life, their deaths are no less tragic. These animals die, just as they lived, surrounded by carnage.

  • Primate CV7A Huge laceration to right flank with bowels spread out around corral. Minor puncture wounds to arms.

  • Primate CA86 Placenta intake- recent childbirth/ Trauma to feet, elbows, missing all digits but thumb on left hand, missing 2nd, 1/2 of 3, 1/2 of 4 on right hand.

  • Primate CP5C Broken neck. Thoracic cavity punctured- pneumothorax. Multiple bite/trauma wounds to face and extremities and trunk.

  • Primate T-9034 Fracture to skull- frontal lobe above right eye, brain exposed.

On April 12th, 2010, SAEN announced the filing of an Official Complaint against Alpha Genesis, and the USDA has since confirmed that a major investigation is underway. The news of this negligence and abuse generated an Associated Press story which peaked on over 5000 news websites and can be viewed in the media coverage section of our website.

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