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Summer 2012 Issue - Table of Contents

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  1. Penn State Med School Terminates Primate Research Program -- SAEN Complaint Forces this Major Victory
  2. From the Desks of Michael and Karen Budkie, SAEN’s Founders
  3. SAEN arranges Release of Five Monkeys from California Lab – Bob Barker’s Generosity seals Deal
  4. University of Washington continues to Abuse Animals -- SAEN releases Incriminating Documents Proving Wrongdoing
  5. SAEN forces Research Halt & Center Director Resignation at Harvard – Continuing Investigation uncovers 41 More Animal Deaths
  6. SAEN Source reveals ‘Explosive Head Injury’ Tests at Lovelace Lab -- No Anesthesia for Animals in Dept of Defense LRRI Experiments
  7. USDA Again cites Santa Cruz Biotech for Animal Welfare Violations  -- SAEN demands Largest Possible Fine
  8. Free the Stony Brook Chimpanzees  – SAEN targets Abuse of our Closest Relatives
  9. National Outreach 2012  -- SAEN staff motivates & educates at AR2012 & Vegetarian Summerfest
  10. SAEN calls for Heavy Federal Penalties  -- Animals found Dead at Two Indiana University Animal Labs
  11. World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week 2012  -- Coast to Coast Events pressure Labs for Change
  12. SAEN sponsors ‘Open the Cages Tour’ in U.S. and Canada -- Research Labs targeted for Cruel and Illegal Experiments
  13. SAEN News Conference exposes Deaths at New Iberia Primate Facility  -- Lab named in Two Federal Probes
  14. Vegan Recipe:  Macaroni Salad
  15. TRS Labs piles up 18 Violations -- Dogs ill, Other Animals dead
  16. SAEN calls for USDA Fine after Lamb Deaths at Children’s Hospital
  17. TB/Polio Monkey Deaths at SNBL are a ‘National Health Issue’ -- SAEN files Complaints demanding Federal Investigations

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