Report: Air Force Lab at Brooks Labeled ‘Most Painful’ in US

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Press Releases

Report: Air Force Lab at Brooks Labeled ‘Most Painful’ in US

Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Contact(s): Michael Budkie (513) 575-5517, (513) 703-9865 (cell)
[email protected] 

San Antonio, TX – A national research watchdog organization has named the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) at Brooks Air Force Base “the most painful laboratory in the US,” and has launched an investigation of research projects at the facility.

Accidentally leaked federal documents reveal that 43% of the 2091 animals used in experiments at AFRL experience unrelieved pain during experiments that are conducted without benefit of anesthesia. Dogs, primates, rats and mice fall into this category.

DOD documents reveal the use of primates in projects involving laser injuries, microwaves and radiation. Pigs are used in munitions development and wound research. Rabbits and guinea pigs are irradiated. Rabbits are also subjected to microwave experiments

Leaked government reports, military research protocols, and financial data for the Brooks lab are available on SAEN’s website.

Other leaked government information reveals 6900 animals experimented on inside other DOD labs (government documents for 20 other DOD labs is available upon request). However, reports from two of the largest Department of Defense labs, Fort Detrick and Walter Reed, were unavailable.

“The experimental approval process within DOD facilities needs to be overhauled," said Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T., SAEN’s Executive Director. “It appears that AFRL officials are performing unnecessarily duplicative experiments, wasting over $5 million per year in federal tax dollars, and causing needless pain to animals.”

Report forms for other federal agencies were also leaked. The Veterans administration operates 47 labs experimenting on over 12,000 animals including more than 600 dogs and over 300 cats. The department of the Interior experiments on more than 8500 wild animals.

Due to gaps in federal laws DOD facilities, like all federal labs, do not receive any independent inspections.

See: The Most Painful Laboratory in the United States: The Air Force Research Laboratory at Brooks AFB


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