UW Continues to Violate Federal Law; NIH Funding endangered

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Thursday, December 31, 2009
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UW Continues to Violate Federal Law; NIH Funding endangered

Madison, WI – The University of Wisconsin, Madison, has recently been hit with 20 new violations of federal law which potentially endanger all animal research funding at the UW.

A December 17, 2009 inspection by the USDA brought about 20 citations for violations of the Animal Welfare Act in areas including veterinary care, housing, cleaning & sanitation, inadequate facilities and enclosures.

This inspection follows two previous USDA inspections which held even more citations for inadequate veterinary care and enclosures. These two inspections, and the subsequent citations, were the result of official complaints filed by SAEN, a national research watchdog organization. The seriousness of the citations from these two earlier inspections may have spurred the December USDA investigation.

Internal UW records revealed that two primates (Aldrin & Shepard), were severely injured by another primate (Glen) who had escaped from his cage. The injuries were so severe that a finger was amputated from one primate, while the other required extensive treatment. One of these primates (Shepard) was also injured when UW staff burned his head with a soldering iron during a surgical procedure.

Other UW documents reveal that a macaque monkey named Wally was forced to endure terrible suffering due to a brain abscess when a researcher refused to euthanize him despite the recommendation of a UW veterinarian. Another primate named Merde was also denied adequate veterinary care by a UW researcher.

"It is clear that the staff of the UW systematically ignores illnesses in primates allowing them to suffer unnecessarily, even denying the animals proper and timely euthanasia,” said Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T., Executive Director, SAEN.

Public Health Service policy requires research facilities to follow the Animal Welfare Act, and may not allow for charges to be made to grants during periods of non-compliance. The ongoing violations of federal law by University of Wisconsin staff may endanger continued access to federal funding.

USDA inspection reports and official complaints are available upon request.


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