Drug Companies cause more pain than Defense Industry; Watchdog Group Criticizes Painful Animal Experiments

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Monday, October 31, 2011
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Drug Companies cause more pain than Defense Industry; Watchdog Group Criticizes Painful Animal Experiments

WASHINGTON, DC – Pharmaceutical Industry labs cause more pain than Defense Industry labs says research Watchdog group SAEN.

According to statistics contained in federal reports the Drug Industry causes 41% of all unrelieved pain to animals in experimentation, while Defense Industry labs cause 23%. These statistics are part of information released today as part of a national ranking of labs causing pain to animals in the U.S...

The U.S. Army Institute of Chemical Defense at the Aberdeen Proving Ground has been named the most painful lab in the U.S. by National Research Watchdog group SAEN (Stop Animal Exploitation Now).

The Aberdeen (MD) lab used 7311 animals in experiments involving unrelieved pain, or 75% of all animals used at this facility. The majority of the animals experiencing unrelieved pain at this DOD facility were guinea pigs who were subjected to chemical weapons (i.e. nerve gas) which can cause seizures.

Utah State University places second in the national ranking, subjecting 5237 animals (mostly hamsters) to unrelieved pain. This lab subjected 92% of the animals used in experimentation to unrelieved pain, primarily killing these animals with untreated viral infections.

Emergent Biodefense (MI) comes in third with 10,395 animals used in experiments involving unrelieved pain, but only 62% of their total use. The Boehringer Ingelheim lab of Missouri places fourth subjecting 20,394 animals to unrelieved pain, but this is only 58% of their total animal use. Diamond Animal health comes in fifth with 3689 animals used in unrelieved pain experiments, for 64% of their total use.

The rest of the ten most painful labs in descending order are: Lee Laboratories (1615, 71%, GA), University of Utah (1864, 61% UT), Ethox (2063, 49%, NY), Novartis (3837, 33%, IA), and Colorado Serum Company (1723, 44%, CO).

These ten nationally known research labs subjected a total of 58,128 animals to unrelieved pain, or 60% of the national total of animal use in experiments involving unrelieved pain, while experimenting on only 9% of the national total for animals used in experimentation.

The ten most painful labs include two facilities connected to the Defense industry, two Universities, four pharmaceutical labs, and two private contract labs.

“These labs demonstrate that many animals used in experimentation receive very little protection under current laws,” said Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T., Executive Director, SAEN. “These unfortunate animals, ranging from hamsters to non-human primates were left to feel the full brunt of extremely painful experiments, such as chemical weapons which can cause seizures, or fatal viral infections. Clearly, anyone who believes that all is right within U.S. laboratories is sadly mistaken.”


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