Feds Cite 3 Universities for Negligent Animal Deaths; Research Animal Death Epidemic Sweeps U.S., Watchdog Group Demands Federal Action

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Monday, August 20, 2012
Contact: Michael Budkie, SAEN, 513-575-5517   www.saenonline.org
Feds Cite 3 Universities for Negligent Animal Deaths;
Research Animal Death Epidemic Sweeps U.S., Watchdog Group Demands Federal Action
WASHINGTON, DC –  Three nationally-known universities – Emory, Vanderbilt and University of Nevada (Reno) – have negligently and possibly illegally killed animals, according to federal reports obtained late last week by a national research animal watchdog organization.
The negligent deaths at Emory, Vanderbilt, and University of Nevada follow a wave of fatalities at Harvard, University of California (Davis), University of Washington (Seattle), Bristol Myers (NJ), and Covance (WI).
SAEN  has filed official complaints against all three labs with the USDA, insisting on additional charges because the labs used unqualified personnel, and federal fines. SAEN said Emory and Vanderbilt have both killed primates, while University of Nevada, Reno killed three animals believed to be sheep.
A 7-19-12 USDA inspection report for Emory University reveals that following a medical procedure, a rhesus macaque monkey was killed after being placed in the wrong enclosure.  Additional citations provide more evidence of serious issues concerning roach & rodent infestation, which endanger the health of the primates.
A 7-16-12 USDA inspection report for Vanderbilt University disclosed that a primate received a broken bone serious enough to require euthanasia en route to/from a medical procedure.  Additionally, citations were issued for March & April incidents where several primates were negligently denied water for 36 & 48 hours.  Vanderbilt researchers are also cited for failure to adequately consider alternatives to painful procedures.
A 1-18-12 USDA inspection report reveals that 3 animals, likely sheep, died due to dehydration when staff failed to provide water at the University of Nevada.
“If the staff of this facilities are incapable of basic husbandry like providing water, or handling animals without breaking bones, or putting them in the wrong cages, they why should their ‘research’ have any credibility,” said Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T., Executive Director, SAEN.  “If they can’t even keep the animals alive why should we believe they are capable of doing anything that is even vaguely scientific?”
 “The death toll from negligence in U.S. labs continues to climb,” added Budkie.  “We have to wonder if situations like this are actually extremely commonplace and the truth is just now coming out.”

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