USDA REPORT: Emory Exploits Federal Law 'Loophole' to Abuse 85 Percent of Primate Research Subjects; Chimpanzees Socially Isolated, Denied Food/Water

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Please contact the President of Emory Univeristy, James W. Wagner, to demand that the abuse of primates at the Yerkes  Primate Research  Center end. The majority of primates experimented on at Yerkes are socially isolated, many are severely restrained, some are deprived of access to food/water. Among these thousands of primates are approximately 83 chimpanzees, the majority of whom are socially isolated and 4 have limited access to food/water.
James W. Wagner, President, Emory University
Emory  University
Office of the President
Mail Stop #1000/001/1AP
Atlanta, Georgia 30322

Fax 404-727-5997
[email protected] 


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