Watchdog Group Files Complaint over ULL Monkey Electrocution Death; Wave of Negligent Deaths Sweeping US Labs

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Monday, December 1, 2014
Contact: Michael Budkie, SAEN, 513-703-9865

Watchdog Group Files Complaint over ULL Monkey Electrocution Death;
Wave of Negligent Deaths Sweeping US Labs

LAFAYETTE/NEW IBERIA, LA – A National Research Watchdog Group has filed an Official Complaint with the USDA/APHIS/AC over the negligent death which caused a monkey to die of electrocution and human caretakers to be electrically shocked.

Federal reports obtained by National Research Watchdog Group SAEN have revealed two incidents which are the basis of a new Official Complaint filed against the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, with the USDA. One incident involved the electrocution death of a monkey, while the other left another monkey with a broken limb.

A report filed by ULL recounts an incident which occurred on October 21, 2013: "a pigtailed macaque (Macaca Nemestrina) was found dead in an outdoor housing enclosure. Two technicians received an electric shock while attempting to retrieve the deceased animal for necropsy, which was consistent with the ultimate determination of death due to electrocution."

An incident from November, 2013, led to a monkey's limb becoming fractured, which resulted in amputation: " : "a 2 year old female pigtailed macaque (Macaca nemestrina) was injured during the course of being captured for a routine physical examination. While being captured the technician (an experienced supervisor) grasped the animal by a hind limb resulting in a physeal fracture."

"Allowing a monkey to die of electrocution, breaking the leg of another monkey, and also endangering human staff by electrically shocking them deserves a major federal penalty," said Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T., Executive Director, SAEN.

SAEN has uncovered a string of sensational animal abuse and deaths at US labs. Pacific Biolabs (CA) was cited for negligently placing a living rabbit in a carcass freezer; the University of Wisconsin was cited for 36 primate escapes as well as multiple monkey deaths and injuries, a Washington University (MO) staffperson was documented to have physically abused a dog, an Oregon Health Sciences University staffperson was documented to have beaten a pig bloody, several monkeys at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute have died of strangulation, and MIT has been cited for running a living rabbit through a cagewasher, to name only a few.

"Negligence and deliberate abuse are rampant in U.S. labs," added Budkie.
All records are available upon request from SAEN.


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