National Watchdog Group Asks Federal Agency to Yank License of Wilmington, Ohio Company After Primates Discovered Neglected and Bloodied in Cargo Hold

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Monday, January 12, 2015
Contact: Stacey Ellison, SAEN, 513-378-4744 (cell)  [email protected]
Michael Budkie, SAEN, 513-703-9865 (cell) [email protected]

WILMINGTON, OHIO  – A national watchdog group has filed an official complaint asking the federal government to revoke the license of a Wilmington, Ohio-based transport company after inspections revealed primates being shipped from China to Houston were found bloodied in a cargo hold and deprived of  food and water.
In fact, in about five months, Air Transport International (ATI) has been cited three times for potentially fatal violations of the food and water requirements of the Animal Welfare Act and three times for endangering animals, said SAEN (Stop Animal Exploitation Now), according to U.S. Dept. of Agriculture inspections in July and December of last year (2014).
In a letter to Dr. Elizabeth Goldentyer , regional director of the USDA/APHIS in Raleigh, NC, SAEN called for the USDA to revoke the USDA license of ATI.
"It is clear that Air Transport International has a long-term pattern of non-compliance with federal law that endangers the life and well-being of the primates it transports. I know that your office considers major and repeat violations of the Animal Welfare Act to be very serious in nature, especially when the pattern of dangerous and potentially fatal non-compliances continues to endanger the safety and well-being of animals under your jurisdiction."
"Therefore, in light of the seriousness of Air Transport International’s continued failure to comply with the Animal Welfare Act and the danger it poses to the animals it transports, I hereby insist that you begin the process of revoking Air Transport International’s USDA license to transport animals," said Stacey Ellison, SAEN research associate in the letter to Dr. Goldentyer.
A December, 2014 USDA inspection cited ATI for failure to provide food or water for more than 24 hours to primates being transported. In addition, the inspection found ATI violated other federal laws regulating the treatment of non-human primates, said SAEN.
A July 2014 USDA inspection cited the air cargo company for facial cuts sustained by a non-human primate from sharp metal mesh in the enclosure. Dried blood was on the mesh, and a crumpled piece of metal with sharp points was found in the enclosure, said SAEN. The same USDA inspection report also cited ATI for failing to provide food and water as required – non-human primates transported from China to the Houston International Airport on July 27/28, 2014 were not given food or water for over 32 hours.  
“Air Transport International has demonstrated a clear pattern of incompetence that has caused multiple primates to suffer severely,” said Ellison.
The USDA Official Warning and other reports are available upon request from SAEN.

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