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Prepared Statements

Prepared Statement University of Minnesota Primate Experimentation 

            Primate experimentation in the United States has reached an all-time high with 62,315 primates being experimented on during 2006, and probably an equal number incarcerated in breeding colonies to produce even more primates for later experimentation.  What is life like for these primates?  What does captivity do to them?

            The most commonly used primates are macaque monkeys of several different varieties.  Baboons and squirrel monkeys are in the next two places, with species such as chimpanzees, capuchin monkeys, marmosets, tamarins and cebus monkeys showing up in lesser quantities.

Since laboratories typically don’t give tours to animal protection advocates, our only way to get a look inside this lab was through obtaining documents from the University of Minnesota through the state public records act.  What we found in these documents is both shocking and saddening.  The negligence by University of Minnesota staff, and the abusive nature of the experimentation has taken a very real toll on the primates.

            Many issues of a general concern arose from the information contained within the University of Minnesota documents.  The most obvious of these is that they seem to have difficulty keeping the primates in the cages.  Monkeys escaped from their cages on 6/11/07 (two monkeys in same room) with one of them receiving 4 -5 lacerations;  Axel escaped during cage transfer on 9/13/05 and was injured;  Hermione & Narcissa escaped on 6/5/07 and were injured;  on 4/20/07 Watson escaped from his cage and was injured while walking across cage tops.  Other issues also point to negligence or poorly constructed equipment.  On 7/14/05 one monkey (Namaki) activated the squeeze cage apparatus her cagemate Fiona, causing substantial injuries.  This should not have been possible.  ON 8/10/05 05GP13 was injured during use of a squeeze cage to capture for handling “Multiple lacerations to Rt. Hand, 2nd, 3rd, 4th digits which occurred during cage squeezing.”  The same animal got an arm stuck in cage on 1/2/06.

            The most common experiments done on these monkeys involve brain mapping, drug addiction, and simian immunodeficiency virus.  The first two of these experimental types are currently underway at the University of Minnesota.  Marilyn Carroll performs addiction experiments on primates at UM and her animals have suffered terribly.  Many of her animals have exhibited seriously disturbed behavior.

            ON 8/9/05 primate 05GP20 is listed as “Temp was up due to primate jumping back and forth wildly.”  Primate #312A is described “Still overdosing on current drug dosage, ataxic, hypersalivating, disoriented.” 7/26/05 & 7/28/05  also, 4/2/07 generalized alopecia “On current drug dosage ataxic, hypersalivating, disoriented.” On 8/23/05 #312E shows evidence of self-mutilation  “did bite knee after observation.”  Primate #45C on 3/21/06 listed as “extremely thin, body condition is poor, severe alopecia . . .  bruising on top of left ankle.”   #45D  on 11/15/05 “NHP observed by LACT ripping hair from the armpit area and chewing on the fur, each time he would grab a tuft of fur he would vocalize”  #78B 9/7/05 (Carroll) “extreme alopecia” and still has severe alopecia on 9/11/06;  #25A (Carroll) lost part of his tongue on 3/22/05 ;  #25b was overdosed on 9/14/04 and on 11/15/05 “NHP was observed by LACT ripping hair from the armpit area and chewing on the fur, each time he would grab a tuft of hair he would vocalize.”

Many other primate show serious indications of psychological abnormality.  #04GP3 4/3/06 overgrooming on legs ;2/22/05 Right index finger tip missing, Right foot 3 & 4 digits missing tips;  3/2/05 middle finger missing; 3/2606 right hand 4th digit deep laceration & patchy alopecia.  Monkey 4GP6 on 2/22/05 listed as thin and missing R index finger on 3/27/06 listed as “Overgrooming and hair thinning present on back and tail base.”   

05GP12 came from Alpha Genesis, a supplier “Missing 2nd digit Rt. Hand to 2nd joint, left hand 2nd, 3rd digits complete amputation (all historical resolved).”  Another primate (05GP14) arrived from the same vendor, Alpha Genesis “Has stripped hair coat on left leg.  . . . Missing 1st digit on rt hand to 2nd joint-historical lesion, Left foot nail missing on 3rd digit, rt. Foot missing 3rd digit to most distal joint=all lesions historical and resolved prior to arrival.”

In what appear to be brain mapping experiments, primate 05AP1 goes through serous discharge from a chamber that is implanted in skull, becomes 5% dehydrated, fights with a cagemate receiving lacerations; #04AP1 has a loose head post and chamber, the chamber becomes infected, and then the primate removes the chamber; 04AP2 has a new chamber placed and “appears to be sl painful”

Other primates for whom we could not identify researchers include: #66a “scratches on left lower ventral abdomen, resolving lesions possibly bite on right knee.”   #511A “extremely thin, general alopecia, mildly dehydrated, all bony prominences palpable, little muscle mass.”  And # 05AP3 has patchy alopecia on all 4 limbs.”

It is extremely clear from the information that we have obtained that primates are in serious danger at the University of Minnesota.  Their sanity is clearly at risk, as is their health.  This facility is so poor at caring for primates that they can’t even keep them in the cages.

Therefore we have filed an official complaint with the United States Department of Agriculture, requesting an immediate investigation of this facility.

See Facility Reports and Information about University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

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