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Sample Request Form for Illinois
(Copy and paste to your letterhead, then follow the How to instructions)

Institution's address

Dear Sir/Madam,

This request is made pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act of the State of Illinois, Ill. Ann. Stat. ch. 116, para. 203 et seq. This request is to direct you, your officer(s) and/or agents to provide me with copies of any and all documents and/or records as described below.

This request is directed at obtaining copies of:

The requester is prepared to pay for all actual duplication frees, pursuant to Ill. Ann. Stat. Ch. 116, para. 206, up to an initial amount of twenty-five dollars ($25.00). If the fees will exceed this amount provide me with a detailed estimation of the fee, in advance before performing said work.

However, pursuant to Ill. Ann. Stat. para. 206 (d), which states that the requester may receive a waiver or reduction of this duplication fee where the requester "states the specific purpose of the request and indicates that a waiver or reduction . . . . is in the public interest", a waiver or reduction is in the public interest "if the principal purpose of the request is to access and disseminate information regarding the health, safety and welfare or the legal rights of the general public and is not for the principal purpose of personal or commercial benefit."

This requester believes that he is entitled to a waiver of the duplication fee because he can successfully disseminate this information through reliable media contacts and through a newsletter which reaches over ___________ people (list the number of members of your organization). Also, this information can educate the general public relevant to the use of animals in ________ (list the area that the information is relevant to, such as: medical experimentation) which directly impacts the public health and welfare.

The requester asserts that all records requested above are public records as defined by Ill. Ann. Stat. ch. 16, para. 202(c). Should you come to an opposite decision, please segregate all claimed exempt portions, provide access to the remaining information, and provide me with a detailed written statement of your position with specific reference to the exemptions of the law(s) or any other provision that prohibits said disclosure that you believe to apply, pursuant to Ill. Ann. Stat. ch. 116, para. 208, 209.

The requester, further, requests a response to this request within seven (7) working days of the receipt of this request pursuant to Ill. Ann. Stat. ch. 116, para. 203(c).


(list both your name, and title within the organization with which you are affiliated)

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